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"I'am the kind of girl that doesn't trust words, but trusts action"

It was one of the days I enjoyed the sun. I rarely enjoy the heat of the sun, but that day was different. I had a feeling of complete relax and pure pleasure in that moment. It was when I get to subic.

It was just after out school’s closing when we got to our summer vacation. I was resting on a chair near the shore when  I realized there’s no one left there anymore but me. I was surprised to see a huge shihp approaching towards me. good thing I have my weapon with me, I prepared for battle. when the ship has finally landed on the shore, I was amazed to see a bunch of cute corgi dogs getting out from the ship. Instead of fighting these group of furry balls, I fell on my knees, I was defeated by these foes. I fell asleep on the shore and when I woke up, I was all tied up on a tree. the puppies are preparing to cook me! but then I grabbed my weapon and fought despite of their cuteness. I caged every one of them and when I succeeded, I found a treasure chest inside their ship. I opnede it, I was expecting to see gold bars but it wasn’t. It was a secret pathway leading to a secret room. I followed the pathway. inside, I saw a very handsome prince called “saddam”. Little did I know, he was also a victim of these dogs’ cuteness. I rescued him and we got married. We took the corgi dogs with us and lived happily ever after on that Island, then I woke up.


She may look fey but she is more to it that you could imagine …

Her eyes that are covered by mystery that makes it glimmer like no other may sweep you off your feet. She may not have a perfect smile but that doesn’t stop her from shining through the darkness of the world. Her golden wings, so comforting that makes you feel alive. She was never just a stranger but rather a mysterious friend who would accompany you in your good and dark times. Everywhere she goes, people stop and look because of her fine posture and unique personality. She know how to use her precious time with her friends and other people that sometimes forget to give for herself. She is the kind wouldn’t cry for help but rather just keeps it inside her chest and faces it alone. She is the kind of person who will only stay if you let her fly away. 

Big dark brown eyes, tall and sturdy body, hair as straight as ever, light complexion, that is how I describe his image. But image is not what matters most, it’s in the heart that completes his personality, and that is how I am going to show my appreciation to my most favorite guy in town, Saddam.

He is my robin, my dad was my batman. He is my armor to the storm. His awkward laugh, his silly smile, his crazy gestures, that’s what makes me awkwardly laugh that no one can ever makes me the way he does. The way he tells me corny jokes gets me under my feet. The way his bulgy eyes looks at me makes me wonder how heaven looks like. haha. The way he walks, though his walk is not that handsome like some hollywood stars do, makes me speechless. His long fingers which he uses to draw a portrait of me, a portrait that makes me feel special, is what makes him very different from others. I love how he sees life, and deals with it. He is my mentor next to mom since he has more experience than I am. He always tells me how beautiful I am everyday even when I haven’t brushed my hair for awhile and it makes me wanna slap him for being such a fey, but he always gives me reasons to believe him because of his sincerity. He always gives me reason to not feel envy towards pretty girls because, according to him, I’m way more beautiful from them, and that’s what touches my heart everytime. Everytime I tell him that he’s handsome, he always disagree with it. He may not be perfect, but for me he’s more than enough. Our eccentric relationship is what makes us stay stronger. There are things in life that you can’t explain how it started, and the only thing you may do is keep it going and don’t let it slip away because life is too short to be wasting what you have. And this is how we’re going to deal with the relationship we’re having. I love him, not too much, because too much is not good, but rather enough to keep us together. He’s my significant one, just next to my mom, my mom is my most significant. 

The story I’m going to have a review on is a story of a plane whose engine is not made for racing, but dreamed of being a racer. He was a farmer plane that dusts crops in the farm. His friends call him the dusty crophopper. He joined an annual international racing competition. He comes sixth but only 5 of them will get to the next course. He was depressed but an informant got to his country, Scandinavia, to inform him that one of the top 5 was using an illegal fuel that makes that plane disqualified and making him join the next course. He got mixed emotions, happy and pressured at the same time. He knew a former military plane that has done many missions, according to what the military plane say. The military plane was called skipper but his friends. And they train dust cropper and skipper as his mentor. At the race, he won first place, and everyone was happy.

It, for me, was a story of an underdog who was put down by a lot of other planes because he wasn’t meant to race because he was just a farmer. He was a a pursuer of dream, that is what the movie is all about. He tried very hard to pursue his dreams even though he was just, for some, a farmer that isn’t built to race but proved to all that anyone, anything can be what they dreamed to be. He was an inspiration to everyone. For me, since it was a cartoon and will be watched by many kids in town, this movie will be a good motivation to pursue, and to dream beyond limitation.